Cognizant Social Engineering & Game Theory

Whether one believes that Cryptocurrencies are a revolution or a bubble is irrelevant and to some extend a question that is too early to tell since Nobel Prizes in Economics disagree themselves (eg: Paul Krugman vs Milton Frieddman). This discussion behind, Cryptocurrencies have, ever since inception, offered new business opportunities. Oxbridge Capital Partners (OCP), currently incubated by EQRC aims at specializing in the extraordinary opportunities that are offered in that domain.

OCP specialises in Cryptocurrency systematic strategies including their hedge overlays.  In that sense the “C” in EQRC can also be understood to mean Cryptocurrency. You can request to see our latest bi-yearly  review or  a short introduction to our fund. We have continued a strong trajectory of high return, low volatility in the past 2 months (since our quarterly review). Our ambitious objectives have been maintained as we have achieved 5% on average per month since inception. More specifically the addition of our overlays has allowed us to decrease drastically volatility since end of September without compromising much the returns for an overall increase in Sharpe Ratio and drawdowns mitigation. If you are an investor and are interested in what we are doing, feel free to contact us.

From John Nash’s pioneering work on non-cooperative games to the mind blowing Gale-Shapley algorithm, Nobel Prizes in economics are piling up in the field of Game theory with however little understanding from the general population and little high impact engineering applications. EQRC has taken active interest in this field and is currently working on several projects in these applications. The meaning of “C” in EQRC can therefore either be understood to mean “Cryptocurrency” or its more general terminology of  “Cognizant Social Engineering”. Game Theory being a central part of some of the engineering applications of EQRC and some of the systematic strategies we explore with Oxbridge Capital Partners (OCP), we have structured these seemingly discordant fields together as many of the skills are transferable from one application to the other.

When politics, economics, sociology and computer networks meet: revolutionary changes may occur

Although EQRC has been focusing on Financial projects, the application of game theory are vast and the expertise can easily be transferred to other applications for example socially spirited projects such as our "Stable Match" and "Oolalaaa" projects.





About my Oolalaaa (1st beta) Website
Oolalaaa is the first and the only dating website which uses both the concept of stable matching (explained more in details further down below) and also the only dating website which redistributes some of its earnings back to the users of the website. It is also the only dating website that uses the “princess dilemma”. These concepts are explained by the videos on the right.

About my beta Stable Match Application (currently under development)
“Stable Match” is essentially our app version of Oolalaaa without the monetary aspect nor the flexibility to use the prisoners dilemma but the added benefits of simplicity and familiarity with Tinder like apps. The term “Stable matching” is a fancy game theory jargon which essentially means that we match people based on their mutual preference in such a way that the match which is given to them is the best match they can achieve at the present time given the choices of other people in the system. For example imagine you are the average Joe and that you are interested in two people on this planet. One of these people is a famous celebrity who is herself in love with another celebrity which you are unaware off. The second person who you are interested in is your neighbor. Oolalaaa & Stable Match both allows you to formalize your secretive rankings in a user friendly way while protecting your privacy. For example in this situation you would input the celebrity as your number 1 choice and your neighbor as your second choice. Provided your neighbor’s ranking is also favorable to such stable matching, the website would send both of you an email stating that you are each other’s stable match. In no circumstance your neighbor which is now your partner would realize that you had selected the celebrity as number 1 and that she is essentially your backup plan. Dignity is preserved, time saved and humiliation avoided. We have embedded a tentative template for the marketing campaign and moto.

About the concept of Stable Matching
In mathematics, economics, and computer science, the stable marriage problem (also stable matching problem or SMP) is the problem of finding a stable matching between two equally sized sets of elements given an ordering of preferences for each element. A matching is a mapping from the elements of one set to the elements of the other set. A matching is stable whenever it is not the case that both the following conditions hold.
– There is an element A of the first matched set which prefers some given element B of the second matched set over the element to which A is already matched, and
– B also prefers A over the element to which B is already matched.

About the Princess Dilemma

The princess dilemma also known as the secretary problem is a famous problem of optimal stopping theory. We have designed a simple video to illustrate the concept here.