Babak Mahdavi-Damghani

PhD, University of Oxford (Thesis: Data Driven Model & Mathematical Finance: Apposition or Opposition?)
MSc, University of Oxford (Final Dissertation: “Machine Learning Techniques for Financial Forecasting”)
BSc, University of Pennsylvania (Senior Design: “Neural Networks and the S&P500”)

Thank you for visiting my website. I use it to present some of my research as well as advertise projects I am involved in. My thesis questions the connection between data driven models & mathematical finance ( download my thesis or download its presentation) in the historical context which has witnessed the rise of Big Data as well as the aftermath of the subprime crisis. I like to take part in academic activities such as editing (eg: Springer Review of Derivatives Research, Journal of Machine Learning Research, Wilmott Magazine etc …) and often participate in industry seminars or international conferences. For instance, I got involved in the IMPA’s Research in Option and presented my latest paper “A Bottom-up Approach to the Financial Markets” ( download paper or/and download slides) at the Risk Quant Summit. You can see a vulgarization of the paper thanks to an interview I had with the Oxford Algorithmic Trading Programme for which I am also in the teaching staff. Otherwise, feel free to browse through my research if you are interested to know more. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


EQRC is my limited company officially launched in 2014 in order to create a legal platform initially and primarily focused on consultancy assignments in the Quantitative Finance industry. I strive to re-invest part of my earnings in Research & Development for activities in cognizant social engineering. EQRC can be understood in different ways but the one I have chosen to use in this context is represented intuitively below:

– Electronic Trading & Machine Learning,
– Quantitative Finance & Volatility Modelling,
– Risk Management, Compliance & Control,
– Cognizant Social Engineering, Cryptocurrencies & Game Theory.

I have been working in the financial industry within a broad range of functions of quantitative nature: Trading (Exotics & High Frequency), Structuring and Traditional Quantitative Analytics (Front Office, Risk  and Clearing). I have expertise in all major asset classes: Equities, Commodities, FX, Rates & Hybrid. I have worked on both the buy and sell sides. Most of my education was done at the University of Oxford, though I strove to see other places as well where I studied different aspects of the the applied mathematical and computational science with applications in Quantitative Finance.