EQRC offers opportunities for individuals of unique or rare backgrounds who display evidence of outstanding EQ-IQ combination with a track record of exceptional accomplishment. As a tactically located elite consultancy & software development limited company, our firm offers world-class opportunity for research in a academic entrepreneurial environment.

We like to see in our candidates evidence of qualities that would suggest relentless pursue for creative solutions. We also like to see evidence of integrity & principled character even in the face of adversity. In the financial industry that would translate into people who would take the rules associated to the client best interest and misleading statement & action rules as laid out by the SEC and the FCA seriously. Though we value diversity most of our consultants in the UK are oxbridge graduates from competitive scientific programs or/and people holding IMO, IPhO or IOI medals. Because we value education and lifelong learning, our consultants are also in many cases also registered in courses directly relevant to the area in which they ultimately do their consultancy or in areas in which they wish to enhance their skills.

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