about us

EQRC was officially launched as a limited company in 2014 focusing primarily on Managing Director level consultancy assignments in the Quantitative Finance area with active parallel Research & Development activities in cognizant social engineering projects. Today EQRC allocates ressources in consultancy relevant to:
– Electronic Trading & Machine Learning projects (the “E” in EQRC),
– Quantitative Finance & Volatility Modelling projects (the “Q” in EQRC),
– Risk Management, Compliance & Control projects (the “R” in EQRC),
– Cryptocurrencies & Game Theory projects (the “C” in EQRC).

our philosophy

EQRC has been betting on individuals of diverse, unique or rare backgrounds who display evidence of outstanding creativity and determined to make an impact. Evidence of exposure to different and conflicting cultures is also a component we believe is a core components of results beyond expectation. We take a ferocious & relentless approach to hard work and believe that quality and quantity do not need to be mutually exclusive qualities when it comes to serving our clients.

Also our consultants have all shown evidence of integrity even in the face of adversity. Though we value diversity most of our consultants in the UK are oxbridge graduates from competitive scientific programs or/and people holding IMO, IPhO or IOI medals. Because we value education and lifelong learning, our consultants are also in many cases also registered in courses directly relevant to the area in which they ultimately do their consultancy or in areas in which they wish to enhance their skills. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

typical quant

Our Quants have been working in the financial industry within a broad range of functions of quantitative nature: Trading (Exotics & High Frequency), Structuring and Traditional Quantitative Analytics (Front Office, Risk  and Clearing). Our expertise is through all major asset classes: Equities, Commodities, FX, Rates & Hybrid. We understand the probabilitic and statistical approaches inherent to the specificities of both the buy and sell sides as well as have had exposure to the cultural difference associated to different geographical locations.

The educational background of our Quants is mostly at the PhD level, educated in elite schools (typically in the top 25 according to the world university rankings: Oxbridge, Ivy Leagues and Grande Ecoles) in fields of quantitative nature with a specific focus on Quantitative Finance (Machine Learning, Mathematics, Computer Science, Probability Theory).

Our Quants are also actively involved in academic activities and often participate in industrial seminars of quantitative nature. For example, many return in academia in between contracts or attend seminars  after usual working hours if additional training is required for a specific contract.