EQRC has and is still actively involved in many short and longer term projects, going from Quantitative Finance & Volatility Modelling to Electronic Trading & Machine Learning projects, via Risk Management, Compliance & Control which are not always mutually exclusive fields. EQRC also works on Cognisant Social Engineering & Game Theory as well as other kinds of projects at various level of complexity and eccentricity.

Electronic Trading & Machine Learning

The rise of computer & data storing technologies, have given birth to the area of research commonly known as Machine Learning and…..

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Quantitative Finance & Volatility Modelling

EQRC historically started its activity in the area of Quantitative Analytics with an initial exclusive application into the area of quantitative finance…..

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Risk Management, Compliance & Control

The history of financial markets, particularly the recent subprime crisis, and the resulting social uproar, has brought politicians and regulators across different…..

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Cognisant Social Engineering & Game Theory

From John Nash's pioneering work on non-cooperative games to the mind blowing Gale-Shapley algorithm, Nobel Prizes in economics are piling up in…..

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"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins."

-Benjamin Franklin